Our Services

International freight transportation

We create optimal routes for the timely and cost-effective delivery of your cargo.
We specialize in cargo transportation both types, partial and full loads from / to European Union and CIS countries. Delivery to any country in the world is also possible.
Door to door presentation.The possibility of intermodal transportation is transportation of cargo by several different vehicles of transport.


We provide storage, loading, packaging, sorting services. All the activity of the warehouse are insured with civil and property insurance.

Freight transport by sea

By sea we transport cargo from terminal to terminal or door-to-door. Services are provided to and from all over the world. Full Container (FCL) and Partial Freight (LCL). Ability to carry loads of not typical dimensions, weight, shape or level of safety.

Freight insurance services

When transporting valuable and / or lightweight, fragile cargo, it is worth to consider for additional cargo insurance for the full value of the cargo. We recommend to insure the cargo if the value of the shipment according to the purchase documents is more than 10 euros per 1 kg. We handle all insurance issues.

Temporary storage services and customs warehouse services

We provide long-term and short-term storage services in customs warehouses (VR0643) and temporary storage warehouses (VV0164) and all related procedures and customer needs.

The services of customs brokerage

We fill in general administrative documents for the procedures of import, export and transit. We formalize documents necessary for freight – CMR, TIR Carnet and electronic TIR Carnet declarations. We provide guarantees for the procedures of import and transit.